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Invest with Dhofar Tourism Company (SAOG)

Dhofar Tourism Company (DTC) was registered on 18 October 1993, as a public joint stock company in the Sultanate of Oman. We are the Owners of Mirbat Marriott Resort & Spa (5 Star Hotel) located at Mirbat beach, the Hotel was opened in February 2010. Presently the Company is operating a Dive Centre also situated in the vicinity of Mirbat Marriott Resort , Mirbat beach.

In order to provide better services and to meet the requirements of our valued customers, DTC have recently carried out improvisations with the constructions of a 500 meters broad walk to the beach  as well as a small amphitheatre, a mini soccer and children games room. These additional attraction led to an increase in the services provided for guests.

The company commissioned by the office of the consulting engineering specializes in the designs of the 80 nos residential units and will be put up for sale after completing the preparation of detailed graphics and completion of all official procedures which will be a great addition to the resort.

Master Plan for all unused areas of the land that is possessed by the Company in Mirbat has been divided into seven phases:

Why Oman

Oman has been enjoying a sustained period of high economic growth, stimulated by strategic planing, growing exports and tourism. The economy of Oman has traditionally relied heavily on oil and gas. However, the Government, knowing that diversification of the economy is essential has adopted a series of five year plans directed at ensuring the country is not so heavily reliant on its dwindling natural reserves.

Infrastructure and tourism projects have thus been identified as a priority by the government. The real estate market in Oman is undergoing significant change, primarily as a result of the general economic growth in the country. A major catalyst for the unprecedented levels of activity in the real estate sector is the relaxation of laws allowing all nationalities to own property on a freehold basis.

Oman is a rapidly developing tourist destination that has adopted a slow and conservative approach to its evolution. It offers some of the finest beachfront coastline in the region and benefits from a diverse and varied terrain, ranging from empty desert lands to soaring mountain ranges.

Salalah is the major city of the Dhofar region of southern Oman, and one of Oman's chief ports. The Salalah Port which employs the highest number of workers in the country and It is located approximately 1000 km south of the capital, Muscat, and strategically lies at the mouth of the Gulf of Aden, on the Indian Ocean.

Two compelling reasons draw visitors to this mystical land antiquity of the place dating back thousands of years, stemming from historical and religious factors, and the scenic splendors of the magnificent mountains, captivating beaches and an awe-inspiring desert.

Frankincense enjoys a pivotal place among all things that embody the region's fine heritage. In antiquity, the scented gum inspired a trade of spectacular proportions with other civilizations, spawning in its wake legendary cities like (the lost city of Ubar), Sumharam and AlBaleed, the ruins of which are a big draw to tourist. Salalah, better known as the perfume city of Arabia, is the capital of Dhofar region.

Nestled in Oman's southern Dhofar region, Salalah's location makes it an effective entryway linking the Gulf to several major trade routes.

Major industries include Fishing, limestone, building materials, processed food, sugar, rice and cement.