Tourism Company S.A.O.G

skillfully merges Oman’s traditional heritage with modern tourism, recognizing the innate human desire to explore as essential for growth and prosperity. Over the past three decades, our commitment to fostering intercultural dialogue and heritage appreciation has been pivotal in promoting understanding and development.

At the heart of our endeavors is our flagship project, a five-star hotel and resort in the historic enclave of Mirbat. This initiative surpasses the standard definitions of luxury to pay tribute to Oman’s vast cultural heritage, aiming to redefine the global tourism and hospitality landscape.

The Integrated Tourism Complex (I.T.C.) in Mirbat is a cohesive blend of residential, commercial, and tourism elements designed as a vibrant hub for cultural engagement and sustainable growth. Enhanced by state-of-the-art innovation and R&D centers, the I.T.C. aims to foster research and scientific collaboration, enriching visitors’ experiences with Mirbat’s unique heritage and natural beauty.

This comprehensive development serves as a testament to our dedication to fostering international cultural exchanges while nurturing a community ethos that prioritizes economic growth, environmental care, and the promotion of cultural diplomacy. Through this endeavor, we harness the power of tourism as a vibrant stimulus, accentuating Oman’s distinguished and renowned status in international cultural diplomacy.

At Dhofar Tourism Company, S.A.O.G., our vision transcends building touristic sites. Our purpose is to sow new seeds of life, encouraging development and fostering the emergence of vibrant communities.

We invite stakeholders to embark on this transformative expedition with us, employing intercultural cognition, tourism, and heritage to enrich peace, well-being, and prosperity.


2010 — Opening of Hotel as Marriot Mirbat

2018 — Cyclone Mekunu Effect

2019 — Kairaba Mirbat Resort

2021 — Wyndham Garden Mirbat

Our Vision

As a leading developer committed to creating sustainable, distinctive, and vital assets and destinations, we aim to build communities featuring premium developments that enhance tourism throughout Oman. Our focus is on delivering positive and engaging experiences for our clients and partners. We take pride in consistently surpassing the expectations of our numerous stakeholders and partners.

Our Mission

Collaborating closely with stakeholders and partners from both the public and private sectors, we are collectively spearheading sustainable projects that contribute to Oman’s economic diversification. Our focus is on ensuring long-term value in the tourism, real estate, and leisure sectors while fostering the prosperity of the local community. We are committed to delivering projects to the highest standards across all sectors, aligning with the country’s economic, cultural, and environmental values.

Our Values

At Dhofar Tourism Company, we value respect, openness, and trust. We celebrate diversity, motivate dynamic performance, and prioritize worker welfare. Our commitment is to excellence in all aspects of our work.

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