Heritage Unveiled: Partnering with Dhofar Tourism Company to Showcase Oman’s Treasures

Heritage Unveiled: Partnering with Dhofar Tourism Company to Showcase Oman’s Treasures



In the heart of the Arabian Peninsula lies Oman, a country rich in cultural and natural heritage, poised to showcase its treasures to the world. As anticipation builds for the upcoming international conference, “Opportunities for Heritage,” we are thrilled to introduce one of our esteemed strategic partners, the Dhofar Tourism Company. Committed to the sustainable development of tourism assets and destinations throughout Oman, Dhofar Tourism Company is a visionary force dedicated to promoting tourism and delivering immersive experiences that resonate with the nation’s cultural and environmental essence.

Dhofar Tourism Company’s Commitment:

At the core of Dhofar Tourism Company’s mission is the commitment to economic diversification and the empowerment of local communities. Their outstanding projects, exemplified by the Mirbat Resort & Spa, not only showcase the natural splendor of Oman but also provide unparalleled hospitality and leisure experiences. As we embark on this collaborative journey with Dhofar Tourism Company, our shared goal is to illuminate the diverse cultural and environmental heritage of Oman for a global audience.

Oman: The Essence of Arabia:

Oman is renowned as the essence of Arabia, where the harmonious coexistence of cultural and natural heritage creates a breathtaking tapestry of beauty. Embracing cultural diversity and fostering an environment of tolerance, Oman stands as a beacon, placing culture and heritage at the forefront of its policies. The upcoming international conference is a testament to Oman’s commitment to heritage preservation and sustainable development.

The UNESCO Chair Conference:

The inaugural conference of the UNESCO Chair for World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Management in the Arab Region is set to take place from February 24 to 27, 2024, in the city of Muscat. This prestigious event promises enriching networking opportunities and the exploration of new academic and professional frontiers. With a primary focus on harnessing the potential of heritage to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs-2030), the conference seeks to illuminate pathways for sustainable progress.


Immersive Experience: Unveiling Oman’s Treasures:

As part of the conference, a captivating field trip to some of Oman’s remarkable attractions has been organized. This immersive experience promises to unveil the treasures of Oman’s rich heritage and culture, providing participants with an unforgettable journey of discovery. Participants will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the beauty and significance of Oman’s historical sites and natural wonders.


In collaboration with Dhofar Tourism Company, the “Opportunities for Heritage” conference is set to be a milestone in the promotion of Oman’s treasures on the global stage. As we delve into the cultural and environmental richness of this enchanting nation, we invite you to join us in Muscat from February 24 to 27, 2024, for a conference that not only celebrates heritage but also explores its potential for sustainable progress. Let us come together to illuminate, preserve, and promote the diverse heritage of Oman for generations to come.

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